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Get Rid of Clutter and Cure Headaches Too!

Owning things can be satisfying, and can certainly enhance our lives, but when we have too many things, life can start to be less enjoyable.  The more things you have, the more time you spend taking care of those things.  From cleaning and organizing to repairing and tripping over on the way to another room, too many things can take up all of your free time, creating more stress in an already stressful life.

If you go through room by room and be realistic about the things you use, you might find a surprising amount of stuff you no longer use that can be donated or sold for a little extra cash.  It is easy to be sentimental about things, especially when the remind us of a happy time, but try to remember that the memory is the important part, not the tangible object.

From clothes and home décor to food that is past its expiration, there are many things to go through that can be given away or sold.  Just think of how much time you can save by not dealing with extra stuff.  You can spend it doing things you enjoy, like making new memories that don’t require getting new things.

Ridding your home of clutter will clear up your mind as well as your home, allowing you to relax in your home without the stress of having to deal with too many items.  Start now to clean up your home.  You might be surprised at how freeing it can be.