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Be the Person You Want Your Child to Be

One of the ways I struggle most as a parent is in the examples I set for my children.  It is all too easy to show my annoyance or impatience in a situation, or even get really upset about something that is little and soon forgotten.  The problem with letting those emotions show very often is that you teach your children to respond that way, too.  Yes, they need to know that those emotions exist and how to handle them, but how you respond is the most important factor in shaping your child’s response to similar situations.

Whether it be calmly handling a fight between siblings or showing kindness to a person who has treated us wrong, the very best way we can mold our children into the type of people we want them to be is to become that person ourselves.  It really is a win-win situation, because by modeling  a better person to your children, you will inevitably become that person.  If it’s important enough to want for our kids, shouldn’t we want it for ourselves as well?

Being the person you want them to be means handling joys and disappointments in the way you want them to.  Show them through actions how to be confident, happy and caring to the people around them.  Teach them that throwing a fit when you don’t get your way is not acceptable, and teach them that by gracefully accepting disappointment and frustration.

When it comes to raising children, there is nothing more influential or important as parents, so we owe it to our kids to take that responsibility seriously, and do what we can to shape them into happy, well-adjusted and caring individuals.