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Who Influences Your Marriage?

These days, we can get an opinion on just about anything, and at any hour of the day, simply by asking the wise wizard, Google.  You can find out what you should do about a husband who won’t put the toilet seat down, and whether or not your mother-in-law should move in, with just a few keystrokes.  It is easy to become too reliant on this outside “help” and begin to let it influence your marriage, perhaps a little more than it should.

There is also so much pressure to keep up with the Joneses, that it becomes a competition between couples to see who can outperform the other.  While a healthy competition can be a good thing, it is generally not such a good idea when it comes to relationships and households.  Each of us is different, and each relationship and household is different too.

We may subconsciously compare ourselves to everyone we meet, and with the Internet, that can be a lot of people.  Seeing the way another person handles a problem does not necessarily mean it is the right way, especially when you consider the many other factors that influence a relationship or person.

So take a look at your life.  Who influences your marriage?  Do you really find yourself worrying about what someone else thinks of things that go on in your home?  Letting someone else’s opinion, whether real or perceived, influence your marriage can set you and your spouse up for unrealistic expectations, and even disaster.

Let the most influential people in your marriage be you and your spouse, and let the rest fall away, because in the end, it’s what you two feel and think that matters the most.