Sharing Chores Makes Them Fun

Sharing Chores Makes Them Fun

Not many people like the dreary drudgework of keeping a house clean, cooking dinner, or doing the other chores involved in running a household.  Let’s face it – there are hundreds of activities most of us would prefer over scrubbing a toilet, but it is a necessary evil.  You can add a little enjoyment to the housework by working together to get chores finished.

If you have children, making sure everyone contributes to the housework not only makes the jobs easier to accomplish, but also helps instill a sense of personal responsibility in your kids.  Showing them that everyone can pitch in to achieve a common goal will also help them establish a sense of teamwork.

No matter how many people are in your household, you can still make chore time fun.  Two people can have contests to see who can clean the fastest, fold the clothes the neatest or any number of other friendly competitions to help keep things interesting.

Racing to get chores done can be fun, but it also helps get things done more quickly, freeing up time to do other things.

Two people can work in the kitchen to cook a meal, sharing conversation and bonding time while cutting the prep time in half, and even kids as young as 18 months can learn to help out by putting away dishes, sorting laundry and other simple tasks.

Working together makes mundane chores a whole lot more enjoyable, and helps family members establish a common bond of responsibility.